There are 2,027 bridges in NYC.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Union Street Bridge

Only 2,017 more to go...

Spans - The Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn

According to the DOT,
"The Union Street Bridge is a double leaf Scherzer rolling lift bascule supporting Union Street over the Gowanus Canal in the borough of Brooklyn."

The Union Street Bridge is the northernmost of five bridges which cross the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. The other four bridges are, from north to south; The Carroll Street Bridge, The Third Street Bridge, The Ninth Street Bridge, and the Hamilton Avenue Drawbridge which runs parallel to the Gowanus Expressway at the mouth of the canal.


The Bridge looks like a continuation of Union Street until you are right up on top of the steel grid span and can see the canal on either side.
It has two traffic lanes and two sidewalks.
Union Street is one way traveling eastbound across the span, but bicyclists ignore this constantly because Union Street runs in both directions straight from Prospect Park until 4th Avenue.



Looking North to Butler Street.


Looking South to the Carroll Street Bridge.


According to the EPA, the bridge was opened for water traffic 245 times in 1999 (the last year I could find available data.)

Type of Bridge: Bascule
Opened to traffic: 1905
Roadway Width: 35 feet
Sidewalks: Two 6 foot wide sidewalks
Max. Span: 56 Feet
Construction Cost: $85,206.85

2 general lanes and 1 bicycle lane on 1 roadway allow eastbound ONE-WAY traffic only.
2 sidewalks

Bridge facts from NYCDOT

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