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Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge turns One Hundred and Twenty Five this weekend
- and we're all invited.


When the bridge opened on May 24 1883, it was, in the words of it's creator, John A. Roebling,
“... not only be the greatest bridge in existence, but it will be the greatest engineering work of the continent, and of the age.”

Print from the NYPL digital gallery

The 125th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge begins with a party on Thursday, May 22 and continues through May 26.
The Brooklyn Philharmonic will play, the Grucci Bros. will once again illuminate the night with one of their world-renowned firework exhibitions (they were responsible for the 100th anniversary display as well), and the Bridge will show off it's celebratory new string of lights.

“The Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the great engineering marvels of all time; it is also a beautiful symbol of New York that is recognized around the world,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The wonderfully diverse events are representative of the iconic bridge that has connected the people of Brooklyn and Manhattan for generations. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this legendary icon that has done so much for our City.”


In honor of the occasion, the Bridge is undergoing a long-needed face-lift.
A new pedestrian entrance in DUMBO, with better signs (actually any signs at all are a bonus), new sidewalks, and fancy lighting under the overpass are all being hurried to completion before the party.



On Fulton Ferry Pier, a fabulously magical installation called "the Telectroscope" will let passing New Yorkers and Londoners commune via the transatlantic tunnel. See the amazingness here.

And the list just keeps going...

Anniversary events include; Free Films, Live Music, The Tour de Brooklyn, a Lecture Series, DJs, Walking Tours...

For a comprehensive list, go to: or


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