There are 2,027 bridges in NYC.
              I'm trying find all of them.
                         And then cross all of them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Macombs Dam Bridge

Only 2,023 more to go...


Spans - Manhattan-Bronx, Harlem River.

The bridge and adjoining park were named for the Macomb family who operated a dam and mill on the site.
As use of the Harlem River increased in the 1830's, the dam, which blocked all but the smallest of boats became a local bone of contention. In 1838, a group of local citizens rammed the dam with a coal barge and destroyed it by chopping through it with axes.
In the course of the following lawsuit and court case, the dam was found to be "a public nuisance..." built "without authority of law...the Legislature did not authorize the obstruction of the navigation of the river in the manner in which it was done by the dam in question."


After the Brooklyn and Washington Bridges, Macomb's Dam Bridge is the third oldest major bridge in New York City. It was designated a city landmark in 1992.
At the time of its construction, its massive steel central swing span was considered to be the world's heaviest movable mass.

Type of bridge: Moveable - Swing
Construction started: April 1, 1892
Opened to traffic: May 1, 1895
Length of main span: 412 feet
Length of two channels: 150 feet
Total length of bridge and approaches: 2,540 feet
Width of bridge: 60 feet
Width of roadway: 40 feet
Number of traffic lanes: 4 lanes
Clearance at center above mean high water: 28 feet
Foundation type: Caisson
Cost of original structure: $1,800,000

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The bridge is a handy way to access Yankee Stadium and can get fairly crowded before or after a home game in the Bronx.

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