There are 2,027 bridges in NYC.
              I'm trying find all of them.
                         And then cross all of them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roosevelt Island Bridge

2,025 to go...
View of the Queensboro Bridge from the span of the Roosevelt Island Bridge


Spans - East River East Channel from Queens to Roosevelt Island
The bridge is the only motor vehicle connection to the island.
Other access is provided by a tramway from Manhattan and Subway service.

Type of bridge:Vertical lift
Construction started:March 17, 1952
Opened to traffic:May 18, 1955
Length of main lift span:418 feet
Total length of bridge and viaduct approaches:2,877 feet
Width of bridge:40 feet
Number of traffic lanes:2 lanes
Clearance over mean high water (closed position):40 feet
Clearance over mean high water (open position):100 feet
Height of towers:170 feet
Cost of original structure:$6,500,000

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